Puppy Variety Box 500g Option 2(No Chicken) Raw Dog Food

Product Code: PVB2/500g

Price: £54.24

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For your convenience, we've created the perfect variety pack of MICHIE'S meal for your puppy!

Starter Box includes 18 X 500g Biodegradable trays with a selection of recipes.

As your puppy has a delicate stomach, we use a 4mm mincer plate so the meat and bone mix is of a finer grade.

  • 6 x 500g Wild Venison with Duck
  • 6 x 500g Duck
  • 6 x 500g Turkey with Wild Venison (NEW)
A complete 100% Gluten Free dinner, nutritionally balanced using only locally sourced human grade meats and fresh vegetables with added beneficial vitamins and minerals


All of Michie's packaging is Compostable, Biodegradable, or Recyclable

Please read:

Improved Recipe

At Michie's Of Cornwall, we are always looking to improve our ingredients with organic/free-range products and to reduce our impact on our fragile earth, over the last few months the following changes have been made to our complete FEDIAF meals.

We are now using: Organic Rosemary, Organic Parsley, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cod Liver Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Oil, Free Range Chicken, Locally sourced Fresh Wild Venison, Locally sourced Fresh Beef Heart, Kidney, and Liver.