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Why Choose Raw

And why Michie's Dog Food
Why choose raw dog food

So, you've made the decision to raw feed your dog. Brilliant! Now you need to decide how to go about it. Raw feeding can be confusing, time consuming and messy. But, with our help, it doesn't need to be, we can help you with all your questions.

Getting Started

What to Order and Transition Period
getting started on raw dog food

At MICHIE'S we have always wanted the best for our dogs which is why all of our raw dog foods have been designed with expert advice. As a result, we are able to supply you with a perfect balance of ingredients, which will benefit dogs from all walks of life.

What's Inside

Our Raw Dog Food
What's Inside

It has been a long journey, but we are very proud to call our dog foods 'Complete'. Our gluten and wheat free raw dog meats and treats all contain a scientifically researched mix of nutrients and vitamins to provide a balanced diet for your well loved dog.


Of Michie's of Cornwall
What's Inside

Here you can find all of the stockists for Michie's of Cornwall around the United Kingdom. If you would like to become a stockist or would like further information please contact our office on 01566 333337, alternatively you can email us.

Made in Cornwall

Launched June 1991
made in Cornwall

"The Made in Cornwall" scheme was launched in June 1991 by the Cornwall County Council Trading Standards Department. This scheme was created following numerous complaints about goods being called 'Cornish' that were not made in Cornwall.

Planet over Plastic

It Doesn't Cost The Earth
getting started on raw dog food

The beauty of overseeing the complete production cycle is the quality control, however it also highlights the challenges around waste. With increased growth, James and his team became inherently aware of the growing amount of plastic involved in manufacturing artisan dog meats and treats.